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About Us


Kimmell-Anderson Property Management (KAPM) will be cognizant of and respect the interests and needs of our property owners and their tenants. We will provide professional, thorough, and timely serevices to all of our customers. We will strive to present qualified tenant applicants to our owners. We will keep them informed about the condition of their properties and within the scope of our responsibility, see that they are well maintained and meet the expected and legal standards. We will respond in a timely manner to maintenance requests. We will be proactive whenever possible and strive to keep the business of managing properties running smoothly. We will fully comply with all laws and regulations and observe ethical standards pertaining to property management. We will constantly strive to improve our services and to make being a landlord or a tenant a pleasant experience. 




Personal Service by Licensed Agents ∙ Full Management of Homes, Mobile/Manufactured Homes, Multi-Family Housing, HOAs, and Commercial Retail Space ∙ Thorough Tenant Screening ∙ Rent Collection ∙ Financial Statements and Property Performance Information Via 24 Hr. Online Portals ∙ Inspections ∙ Coordination of Property Maintenance ∙ Eviction Service ∙ After Hours Emergency Maintenance Request Line ∙ Advertising ∙ Resident Manager Supervision ∙ One Time Rental Service



  • We are centrally located in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley.
  • We are the oldest and largest management company in the valley.
  • We have a friendly and professional staff.
  • We have a collective knowledge base that is unsurpassed.
  • We use the latest in property management software technology.
  • We provide you with an owner portal to view property reports.
  • We provide tenants the ability to auto-draft or pay online.
  • We market your property on the internet using multiple services for maximum exposure and provide free vacant property lists to walk-ins.
  • We perform thorough tenant screening resulting in a less than 1% eviction rate.
  • We coordinate property maintenance.



KAPM is the premier property management company in the Hemet-San Jacinto areas. We are a leader in the real estate industry. We provide superior service to our clients.  We understand that your property is valuable to you. Our long-time, satisfied clients are your assurance that your property will receive the personalized, expert management and care that will protect and enhance the value of your investment. KAPM stands ready and able to serve your property management needs.




 "Thanks for all of your wonderful help over the years.  I really like working with your team very [Appreciate] and professional." Monica F. (May 2018)


"To whom it may concern, We hereby give notice that we will be moving out of the house on Hemet. Our last day of residence will be ............. Thank you very much. On a side note I have to say that you are one of the best property management companies We have dealt with in 13 years of renting in 3 different states."  Crystal C. (August 2017)


Thank you for the years of great service, as our property management company and thank you for representing us in the sale of our property.

Have a Blessed Day. Cindy K. (August 2017)


".....Thank you for your recommendation of Kimmell-Anderson Property Management Co. They have done an outstanding job with my properties in Hemet. Thanks to your help, I couldn't have found a better company. I can rely on them because they are right there with solutions to the problems. Also, the tenants have stayed long so they must be happy too. Thanks again." Myrta (Dec. 2016)


"We would like to thank you for the professional and caring way you take care of business. We appreciate the timely manner in which you get back to us with our concerns. We felt confident our properties were being taken care of, even when you could not reach us. Keep up the good work!" Jim and Jill A.


"Our family has utilized the Kimmell Anderson Property Management Company since 2001 for managing our residential rental property in Hemet, CA. Being over 1500 miles distance, from the Hemet area, mandated that we trust their company as our eyes and ears, and to ensure confidence in their recommendations for screening and monitoring tenants, repairs and maintenance, and other rental-associated items. KAPM met all of our expectations during the twelve years they managed our property. Therefore, we can honestly, without reservations, recommend them to anyone needing such services, no matter where they reside."  Ron and Maryann G.


"We signed on with Kimmel Anderson a couple of years ago and we are glad we did. First and foremost we trust them. They have been consistently professional, honest, and sincere in all the advice and help they have given us in taking care of our property. And we have given them plenty of work! Difficult neighbor property line issues, a new fence to be installed, landscaping care, and interior improvements. In all cases they helped us get the work done and done well. They have a supply of excellent contractors that they call upon. Also, they do a thorough job of screening applications and have found good tenants for us. We are very happy to have them watching over our investment."  Karen and Randall C.


"For the record, it's been a pleasure having you as my property management team.  Really liked the way you handled the current tenant.....I intend on buying another unit, and I'm specifically looking in hemet because I know there's a good team down there that I can trust and count on."  Brad A.


"If rental property is a migraine, (and believe me it is) then Kimmel Anderson Property Management is the the prescription medicine. Through the years, I have had the UNpleasure of working with quite a few property managers. Some...well...barely did their job. And others actually stole money from us. ...A quick lesson in 'oops, I shoulda learned to swim before I jumped into the pool. It was not until we signed with Kimmel Andersen that my grave regret in having gone into the rental property business turned to, 'ahhh, yes, making money in rental property is a great way to go. Dana, June, Nancy and the others always had a solution for each problem that occurred. We even  had a tenant try to sue us because of damage from a storm.  Dana advised us about how to handle it. She supplied us with needed documentation and even showed up in court to help us handle things. She went beyond the call of duty.

Prior to signing with Kimmel Anderson, we had several problem tenants. Some didn't pay on time. Others created excessive noise which disturbed neighbors enough to call the police. Since hiring Kimmel-Andersen we haven't had any of these problems. They did an excellent background check on each potential tenant and advised us about whom to choose. They are fair minded and professional. I can not say enough about this company. I don't know how we would have managed without them. I highly recommend them."  Nikiki G.


"I have used Kimmell-Anderson to manage my properties for many years.....They are a very professional company and I have been very pleased with the service they have provided....Kimmell-Anderson conducts regular inspections at the properties they manage for me, and I trust them...Great company !!!!!!!!!!!!!" William G


"Thank you so much Ladies. You have a Great Office which helped me out a lot. Thank you. Rosa W. (2016)


 Hemet / San Jacinto Valley- Southern California

Hemet and San Jacinto are one of the best kept secrets of Southern California! Nestled in the valley of the beautiful San Jacinto mountains, we enjoy clear skies, clean air, and an average temperature of 75 degrees with 342 days of sunshine! The altitude is 1,575 feet and we average 12.5 inches of average yearly rainfall. Our valley has the most ideal climate in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, and we have been able to maintain small-town security, charm, and character. Hemet has approximately 85,000 permanent residents and San Jacinto has 48,000. The valley has long been a Mecca for retirees while also maintaining a balance of young families that enjoy employment both locally and in surrounding communities.

Hemet, CA aerial view

Our valley is centrally located to all major southern California points of interest including Disneyland, Rose Bowl, Universal Studios, major colleges and universities, major shopping complexes, including the Ontario Mills Shopping Mall to name a few. The valley is your hub for day trips to Los Angeles, San Diego, Indian Casinos, Beaches, Deserts, Ski Resorts, Lakes, and all other of Southern California attractions.

California's Famous Attractions

We are within an hours drive of Palm Springs, San Bernardino and San Jacinto mountain resorts, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Southern California's largest water storage reservoir, Diamond Valley Lake, is four miles southwest of Hemet. This reservoir, covering 4,500 acres, is 4.5 miles long and more than 2 miles wide, is between 160-260 feet deep, and cost 1.9 billion dollars to construct. Recreation includes hiking, horseback riding, biking, nature walks, shoreline trails, a marina, a regulation 18 hole golf course, camping cabins, water parks, equestrian centers, a swim complex and more.

Our area offers every type of affordable housing including apartments, duplexes, condos, single family homes, mobile homes, retirement complexes, and RV parks. Our tranquil, scenic atmosphere, reasonable housing costs and abundant retail shopping and services make it desirable home for many young professionals who want to escape the rigors of working and living in busy Los Angeles counties. Our friendly environment combined with affordable average listing prices for homes, has permitted residents young and old to live the dream of home ownership in a safe, attractive suburban environment.